Reverend Harvey Barnes - Independent Funeral Minister in Plymouth
Rev'd Harvey Barnes - Independent Funeral Minister

Funeral Service Arrangements via Zoom

Many are finding the convenience of online video meetings helpful and therefore, I am offering meetings via Zoom to discuss funeral arrangements if this would be beneficial to you. No technical skills are required and you don't have to sign up for a Zoom account if you don't wish to.

ZoomI will provide you with a link and a Meeting ID and password in advance of our meeting. These details are for single use only and won't work for any subsequent meeting. You can join on a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or internet enabled mobile phone.

To join a Zoom meeting, you just need to click the 'Join Zoom Meeting' link in the email or text that I will have sent to you. You may, or may not, be required to enter the Meeting ID and password. If you are asked if you want to join with computer audio - you do. Detailed instructions are available here but there's every reason to think you won't need them as Zoom is quite straight-forward when you begin to use it.


If you are using Windows or macOS, you will need to have speakers and a microphone - inbuilt, external or Bluetooth - and a built-in or plug-in webcam. Many webcams have built-in microphones and so you won't need a separate microphone if this is the case. System requirements can be found here and this link is for requirements when using a mobile device.

It is possible to access Zoom through your web browser when using a computer but there is also a desktop program, in addition to Apple and Google apps which can be downloaded from here.